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Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

200x265_2082_support.jpgSummer is just around the corner and we're all looking for fun ways to enjoy the outdoors while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some of the ways you can maintain your level of function and fitness without necessarily placing undue stress on your body include:

Walking is among the best ways for older adults to stay physically fit and increase agility. It doesn't require equipment, except for the proper shoes, and can be done with a group or alone.
Make your walk more fun by playing games with your fellow walkers. Bring a list of items to find along your walk and play "I Spy". Look for certain types or colors of cars, license plates from unique states or shops that sell certain items or services. Other games include the "Alphabet Game" or the "License Plate" game.

Water Aerobics
Water Aerobics is one of the best endurance exercises for older adults because it eliminates the risk of falling and places minimal stress on the joints. One of the best ways to spice up your water aerobics is by working a pool noodle, kick board or other floatation device into your exercise routine. Or bring some iStock_000015126921Medium.jpgmusic and get your groove on by dancing, hopping or swaying to the music, changing your routine to fit each beat. You can also challenge your friends by playing "Who knows that Tune?"

Golf is great way to stay in touch with friends and stay physically active. The pace of the game is relatively stress free but there is built in exercise from walking and swinging your clubs. To spice up your golf game play a head to head match in which each hole is a competition. The objective is to win more holes then the other player. If there are 4 of you, "team up" and play head to head against the other team.

Regardless of what activities you participate in this summer, keep the FIT philosophy in mind.
F: Fun. Older adults are having more fun with exercise, whether the activity involves an exciting round of golf or taking an outdoor walk to enjoy a comfortable summer day. Keep your activities fun.
I: Individualization. Be sure you're choosing your activities so that they're safe, rewarding and free of pain for everyone.
T: Togetherness. Relationships strengthen the commitment to get and stay fit. Consider inviting your friends and family; it's often more fun to exercise with others (you might even forget you are exercising).

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