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At Golden Outlook we recognize that our primary role is to support you; that your hard work, dedication, and success are the root of our organization. You've proven it to us, now let us prove it to you. We are very pleased to announce the Golden Outlook Elite Producers Club. The Elite Producers Club is a benefit program designed to recognize and support the best of the best. With a focus on helping you take your business to the next level, the Elite Producers Club provides a rich set of benefits driven by the goals of removing obstacles and providing the highest level of agent service and support.



There is nothing to buy, nothing to sign up for. By virtue of being part of our team you are automatically eligible to become a Golden Outlook Elite Producer. On an annual basis we will evaluate your performance in three key areas: Activation, Engagement, and Production. Your calculated performance in each category will determine the corresponding Circle of Excellence level you've achieved. The three Circles of Excellence include: Associates, Directors and for the highest performers, the Presidents Circle. In addition to the recognition and admiration from Golden Outlook and your peers, you will also receive the associated program benefits for the following annual cycle.


Marketing Support
Golden Outlook Business Cards yes yes yes
Golden Outlook branding options yes yes yes
Elite Producers Club branding options yes yes yes
Featured listing on GoldenOutlook.com yes yes yes
Marketing Reimbursement Budget $1000 $1500
Agent profile landing page on GoldenOutlook.com yes
Direct lead routing from GoldenOutlook.com yes yes yes
Training & Education
Access to "Golden Outlook University"1 yes yes yes
Appointment & Licensure
Invite to annual Golden Outlook certification event yes yes yes
Reimbursement of AHIP expense2 yes yes yes
Reimbursement of E&O Policy exchange3 yes yes
Reimbursement of continuing education expense4 yes
Agent Portal Access5 yes yes yes
Preferred & Expedited access to agent help desk Preferred Expedited Priority
Concierge material delivery yes
Leads Program
Notification priority of Golden Outlook generated/received leads 3rd 2nd 1st
Right of refusal on Golden Outlook lead gen opportunities 3rd 2nd 1st
Total Annual Value $2,025 $5,325 $7,125
Your Cost $0 $0 $0
1 - Access to "Golden Outlook University" - Optional training attendance is not required by Golden Outlook,  2 - Reimbursement of AHIP expense - up to $100 annually
3 - Reimbursement of E&O policy expense - up to $250 annually / up to $500 biennially,  4 - Reimbursement of continuing education expense - up to $50 annually / $100 biennially
5 - Agent Portal access - Portal usage is not required by Golden Outlook,  6 - Within 24 hrs of application date,  7 - The 2013 SEP Sales Target is 84,  8 - The 2013 AEP Sales Target is 56







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